As of Version 2, you  no longer need to submit a registration request.  You can easily activate and deactivate your shopping system using the Transaction Key found on your order confirmation email.  If at anytime you can not locate your EasyCart Transaction Key, simply contact our support team and we can find it for you.

Locate your Transaction Key

Your Transaction Key is found on your order confirmation email.  This key can be used to activate and deactivate your store.

Enter Transaction Key

You can enter the Transaction Key by logging into your EasyCart admin console and in the top right corner is a ‘register’ button.  You may deactivate at anytime by visiting your settings as well!

Unlock the Potential

Your software is unlocked, and you should have access to all the great features we offer as well as the ability to submit support requests and get access to our community support forums, online videos, and documentation.

Where to Register?

Whether you log into the EasyCart administrator via the desktop software, or the online plugin, iPad, or Android tablet systems, you can always find the registration button near the top right corner.

If you have never opened the administrative console, you will be automatically presented with a place to register.  If you have been working with the FREE trial, you can find the button as shown in the picture below.