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Welcome to the WordPress Shopping Cart online video library where you can view video tutorials by professional designers and developers with regards to installation, design, products, and general configurations.  Watch as an expert leads you through the complex world of e-commerce and the power of the EasyCart system.

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Use the following videos as a general guideline as you learn to do basic activities, knowing that the buttons may be slightly different than what your actual software may show.

Version 4 Videos


WP EasyCart License Comparison – New!

This video walks you through the WP EasyCart software and the three versions (FREE edition, Professional edition, and Premium edition).


WP EasyCart Installation – New!

This new video walks you through the quick installation of our new version 4 plugin and setup.  Get running quickly with EasyCart!


Install & Registering PRO  – New!

Learn how to install the professional/premium edition PRO plugin and register your software to unlock its features.


Creating your First Product  – New!

Walk through creating a product in the new EasyCart system.


Order Management  – New!

Watch as we discuss all the features you can use to manage your customers orders.  Everything from printing receipts to updating order information.


Product Importer  – New!

Learn to use the bulk EasyCart product CSV exporter/importer and update thousands of products in only a few minutes.


Option Sets  – New!

EasyCart offers a vast array of option sets; including combo boxes, image swatches, text boxes, checkboxes, radio groups and more!


Shipping Calculators  – New!

We setup price, weight, percentage and quantity trigger shipping as well as our live shipping calculators for UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Australia Post, and Canada Post in this how-to video.

Version 3 Videos


Shopping Cart Plugin Installation

This video tutorial demonstrates downloading and installing the EasyCart plugin module into WordPress and configuring your three new EasyCart pages.


Using the Admin Sidebar to Design

This new feature is a sidebar that lets you adjust columns, image heights, product designs, colors, and even responsive elements for phones and tablets.  This video shows you how the admin sidebar works and what to look for.


Administrative Console Installation

This video tutorial demonstrates installing the WordPress Shopping Cart administrative console along with basic features and overview of the software.


Creating your First Product

This video tutorial demonstrates how to create your first product, upload your images, set the product into a menu, and then test your product on the store.


Colorizing & Designing

This video walks you through quickly colorizing EasyCart to match your theme, as well as some mild web developer tips on how to location CSS and customize CSS.


Product Option Sets

Watch as we walk you through the basic and advanced option sets that allow you to build flexible products and custom forms for each product.   We show you how to control inventory with options, as well as our new advanced option types.


Creating Subscriptions

Video walks you through setting up Stripe subscriptions and memberships, creating subscription groups, and how to manage customer subscriptions on stripe and from inside EasyCart.


Shipping Setup

This 20 minute video walks through the setup of our shipping trigger or live shipping systems, shipping zones, and some of the many things to watch for when configuring a shipping solution with EasyCart


Coupons & Promotions

This video walks you through setting up a collection of products and assigning promotions to them.  It also discusses coupons and how to create them and best practices for distributing them.


Importing & Exporting Products

This video walks you through the importing & exporting of products using a CSV file. Learn how you can quickly edit columns, add new products, even what data is important or can be skipped.