Let us give you some of our basic answers here in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

What exactly is WP EasyCart Plugin?

The WordPress Shopping Cart by WP EasyCart is a  plugin that installs into WordPress and offers you the business owner or web designer the ability to have product display pages, product detail display pages, add to cart functionality, a shopping cart for customers, a complete checkout system for customers, and an account area for customers to log into and update personal information.

This entire process is often referred to as a  ‘shopping cart’ or ‘eCommerce system’ that many companies offer as software.  EasyCart makes this process happen with just a few clicks, integrating a complex system into your WordPress site in just minutes.

How much does it cost?

EasyCart is very affordable, starting at only 50 dollars for the lite plugin per site.  The lite version of EasyCart offers 50 product limit and you can use PayPal to sell your goods.

Want to step up and get the Standard plugin for only 80 dollars?  The Standard plugin gets you all of our features including live payment gateways, all of our live shipping systems such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and Australia Post.  Plus, you get the ability to use coupons and promotions to your customers.  For a small investment in your online business, the Standard plugin is feature rich.

We also offer a Premium membership for $180 a year.  This subscription gets you 1 license of EasyCart + you get a ongoing support, access to download any of our  themes, plus a free license of our various extensions we build (quickbooks,, mandrill mail, product tabs, etc.)

So for an affordable investment that gives you such powerful eCommerce capabilities, you can have fully themed sites with matching plugin themes and shopping cart systems running for very low prices.

Do I have to Pay Monthly?

The Lite and Standard plugin licenses are fully owned and you keep your license, pay a one time fee to us, and pay nothing monthly.

Our premium membership is a yearly signup.  This gives you a full year of membership access to download our themes, gain extra support, and access to any extensions we build.  If you decide to cancel, keep your EasyCart licenses and software and simply lose access to the membership area.

Either way, you own the license of EasyCart!

What is the difference between the Lite Plugin, Standard Plugin, Premium Membership, and Multi-site Developer Licenses?

Lite Plugin – Owned version that is limited to 50 products and the use of third party gateways such as paypal.  No coupons, no live shipping, and no promotions.

Standard Plugin – Owned version that has unlimited products, all of our gateways (live and third party), live shipping calculators such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and Australia Post plus access to the Coupon system and Promotions system.  All our features that we offer in one easy to use plugin.

Premium Membership – Get 1 Standard plugin licenses, plus our premium members get access to download a free license of all our extensions that we build, any of our partner WordPress themes, and extended 12 month support ticket access.

Multi-License Premium Membership – The same great subscription that you get as a premium member, but you get 3 EasyCart licenses each year you stay subscribed.  Not to mention the included extensions that we offer at EasyCart to add to any of your websites, 12 months of extended support, and any partner themes we provide.

How do I add new products, images, and control the store?

We offer a full desktop software solution that is free to download with your plugin.  This allows you to manage your orders, products, images, customer accounts, coupons, promotions, and more.  You may also download our admin plugin for WordPress, which allows you to edit and manage orders, products, images, customer accounts, coupons, promotions, and more all from inside WordPress.

We also provide iPad and Android tablet software for users wanting to administrate their stores on the go.  These apps make it great to have full control of your shopping system without the need to access it via a website or webpage.

Is there a FREE trial?

Certainly, the actual plugin is available and FREE to download via WordPress.  Simply search on WordPress for our EasyCart plugin or follow this link.  You may use the plugin for free.  If you want to use specific payment gateways or unlock various features such as coupons and promotions, then a license is required.  There is no need to uninstall or remove the trial, we simply get you a registration key and you can keep using it with unlocked features.

Looking for More Information Regarding Product Support?

It may help you to look at our: documentation, forums, video tutorials, or blog articles. If you cannot find a solution to your question or you are wanting to know if a feature is supported in our system, feel free to submit a support ticket here. If you do not hear back from us the same day, this is often because the wrong email address or invalid email address is input during ticket submission and we are unable to respond to you. In this case, please resubmit your ticket after 24 hours has passed.